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water risk assessment & management

Environmental Water Monitoring helps health facilities understand legislation and meet water quality statutory requirements to prevent legionella and provides risk and management plans.

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Legionella Control

in potable and non-potable waters

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Water Risk Management Plan WRMP

WRMP for health care facilities, aged care facilities and hospitals

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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Testing, Guidelines and Standards for fitness of use

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About Us

Environmental Water Monitoring (EWM) services healthcare facilities with risk assessments of all uses of water in their facilities and the potential risks associated with microorganisms, in particular those associated with Legionella bacteria.

EWM will carry out water quality monitoring and testing and provide detailed reports with recommendations for meeting guidelines, standards and regulations.

Environmental Water Monitoring provides health facilities with a Risk Assessment and a detailed Water Risk Management Plan (WRMP) including downloadable document and customer access through our website secure login.

We have wide ranging experience in the water industry including the effects of water on equipment such as the effects of corrosion, the growth of microorganisms in potable water and heating waters and the monitoring of water quality ensuring the water is suitable for its intended purpose.

EWM are members of some of the following organisations; The Institute of Hospital Engineering Australia, The Australian Water Association, The Institution of Engineers, Australia and The Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating.

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